Letters, Feuding and Other Things

 I guess I’m one lucky fella: got my third mystery letter today. Don’t know who they’re from, but when they come with as much chocolate as this one, who cares? 

Too bad my girlfriend ate all of them. When I asked V why she did that her reply was just to “bite me.” Maybe I should start writing letters to her? And maybe I should also start putting together an emergency chocolate stash. Just in case. At least she’s stopped giving me crap about my great tattoo.

Speaking of V, Mr. Jones and I tried to suggest to her that maybe she should stay and hold down base camp — given her condition — while the rest of us go out. She didn’t take kindly to that.  She’s spent the better part of the evening in a pretty foul mood, stomping around, glaring at us, and locking herself away to do “research.” It’s okay, though; she’ll come around.

MJ, on the other hand, I’m not so sure about. When she heard about how she’d get to hang out with “Auntie V” a lot more due to her being at home, she, well, she reacted basically like V, only more so. I think those two are feuding right now. I think it has something to do with her aunt’s refusal to show her Die Hard 2. Apparently V thinks it’s opportunistic garbage. Regardless, MJ has been going around pouting and screaming “yippee-ki-ay” before shooting her teddy bear with one of those Nerf guns we bought a few months ago. V and I will work our end. I’m going to leave MJ up to Jones and Lady D.

Come to think of it, that’s not the only area those two are working at. Last night D decided to try going a night with the lights in their room turned off. They’d been out for about five minutes when she started shrieking. Mr. Jones told us later that D spent the rest of the night quivering next to him. I don’t know where MJ was throughout this, but I imagine it wasn’t easy for her to deal with. 

So maybe things haven’t gotten any easier even after our last big case ended. But they will. We just need time.